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Specialist Tree Pruning in Liverpool by Carter's Gardeners

Arranging for tree pruning in Liverpool doesn't have to be difficult. How about a service which can happen any day of the week or at the weekend? One that's always delivered by trained and experienced tree surgeons? And one that's perfect no matter what type of trees you have in your garden?

This service is the one you need. Handy for keeping any type of tree in top trim, your tree care experts will make sure that your trees are growing healthy and strong - and that they don't block the light from entering through your windows.

One call to 020 3404 2408 is all it takes to book. Take a quick glance at the list at the foot of the page to find out all the info we'll need from you. Or enter it personally, when you fill in our contact form here on our website.

Your Tree Trimming in Liverpool Gets You:

  • You can hire us for any tree trimming in Liverpool - we can take care of trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height
  • Fully insured and highly skilled tree surgeons deliver all the services we offer
  • Use of high grade equipment ensures high quality results
  • Non-hourly-based services ensure you don't pay more than you need to
  • You can choose any day of the week for your appointment...
  • ...And any time of the day from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm to have your appointment begin at
  • No problems operating in poor weather conditions

Your Tree Pruning Services - More Information

Wondering exactly what will happen during your tree pruning services in Liverpool? Here's how they work:

You'll welcome your team of two experienced tree surgeons to your property, and have the opportunity to chat to them about your service. They'll take a look at your trees, and then confirm your quoted rate.

The actual details of your service will depend on what you want to encourage your trees to do. Do you want them to produce more fruit? More flowers? To limit their size? The direction they grow in? Or just to generally improve their health?

Tell your surgeons. They'll make it happen.

How to Book Professional Tree Care

You can call us any time - 24 hours a day - because our support hotlines are always staffed. When you speak to an adviser to make your booking, they'll need to take the following information from you:

  1. The size and number of trees that you want us to address
  2. The precise type of professional tree care that you want us to provide - trimming, shaping, cutting back etc.
  3. Where your trees are located - if they're in your garden, will we have access? If they're in your neighbour's garden, do we have permission?
  4. What shall we do with any green waste that's produced

And that's the lot! Then all you'll need to do is wait for your specialists to arrive at the time you've chosen...