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The Easy Way to Book Turf Laying in Liverpool by Carter's Gardeners

Installing new grass in your garden might not always be as simple as it sounds. Get all of your turf laying in Liverpool from Carters's Gardeners and make sure that your new grass grows green. And that it keeps growing green for the longest possible time...

That's easiest when a team of highly trained professional garden landscapers fit your grass - and they lay down a layer of nutrient-rich topsoil first.

Dial 020 3404 2408 or contact us now online to chat to your local landscaping specialist. Get in touch now to book an onsite viewing, or to get more information about the service you need. We're here to help 24/7.

Hire Us For Turf Installation in Liverpool To Get:

  • All landscape gardeners delivering your service have years of experienced, full training, and are thoroughly insured
  • Get the healthiest results with all turf installation in Liverpool through the advanced tools we choose to use
  • The area you want to have turf installed in will always be carefully cleared, and the ground levelled ready for laying
  • A layer of mineral-rich top soil encourages your new grass to grow green and strong
  • Weekend and weekday appointments standing by for your convenience - starting from 8:00 am and ending at 6:30 pm if required
  • Poor weather, no trouble. We work in all weather conditions, unless your grass would suffer because of it

Appointment Details Regarding Your Turf Installation Services

  1. Your turf installation services will begin with the removal of all existing vegetation
  2. The waste generated is then collected and disposed of
  3. Then the ground is levelled, ready to be used
  4. Then the layer of new topsoil is added - this is always a nutrient-rich mixture
  5. The new turf is then installed and levelled

This method results in new but safely established grass. Carter's Gardeners will provide you with an after-care plan showing you how to give your grass the best chance at growing healthily in its new environment. Make sure you follow it, and enjoy your new green growth!

How to Book Turf Laying Services in Liverpool

Ready to find out more about the service you need? Here's how to do it:

  1. We make it easy to find out precisely how much your service will cost, by sending a professional landscaper to consult you in person
  2. Your expert will take measurements, and plan your project with you
  3. The quote you receive will come to you within three working days of your visit

The quote you get on the turf laying services you want to book in Liverpool will be all-inclusive. This means all labour and materials are included, and you won't be surprised by extra fees later on down the line.